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About Truck-Lite

With more than 50 years’ worth of experience in the lighting industry, Truck-Lite sets the standard for lighting, mirror, and reflector products for heavy duty commercial vehicles. With one of the world’s largest catalogs of sealed lamps and accessories, Truck-Lite is a specialist in North American heavy duty vehicles such as Navistar, Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt, and much more. The company also manufactures custom light products and accessories for specialized applications such as school buses, mail delivery vans, and emergency vehicles. When reliable performance is crucial for demanding jobs, you can never go wrong with Truck-Lite parts.

Like many successful brands, Truck-Lite originated from a problem. Bothered by the short life of trailer lights, founder George Baldwin tinkered in his kitchen sink until he developed the world’s first sealed marker light. It became such a commercial success that George formally established Truck-Lite in 1955 and released the industry’s first sealed stop/turn/tail light.

The company continued to pioneer other technologies that are integral to the industry today, including sealed wire harnesses, polycarbonate lenses, and even lifetime warranties for harnesses. More recently, Truck-Lite is credited for being among the pioneers of automotive LED lighting technology, starting with the industry’s first commercial LED stop/turn/taillight in the early 90’s to the first customized LED forward light for heavy duty trucks in 2012.

Truck-Lite Parts

Today, Truck-Lite is a globally recognized brand with thousands of employees working in its facilities manufacturing and distributing Truck-Lite parts to consumers around the world. It has also acquired prominent industry subsidiaries such as Signal-Stat, FER Germany, and Rigid Industries and sells parts under these respective nameplates.

Stop Turn Tail Light

Truck-Lite’s most popular product in its catalog is arguably its LED stop turn tail light. Recognizable for its distinct five-pointed star light pattern, the Truck-Lite LED stop turn tail light emits a bright light at a much faster rate compared to similar lamps in the market. This gives drivers behind your vehicle more time to react, which can be critical in low-visibility areas and during emergency maneuvers. The LED circuit is also coated with a special encapsulant that makes it extremely resistant to shock and vibration.

In addition to LED stop turn tail lights, Truck-Lite also offers conventional sealed stop turn tail lights. These lamps are fitted with a long-life bulb and sealed to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from getting in and rusting sensitive components. All lamps also feature non-corrosive, impact-resistant polymer lenses and housing.


Truck-Lite offers a range of headlights for light to heavy duty vehicles. From semis to snowmobiles, there’s a Truck-Lite headlight that’s right for the task. The Grote headlight is notable for its full-pattern beam, creating a crisp, white light that’s similar to that of daytime. Metalized reflectors also ensure a consistently smooth focused beam on the road ahead.

Because it is one of the most important lights in the vehicle, the Truck-Lite headlight is also built to last. It is fitted with impact- and corrosion-resistant aluminum, stainless steel, or polycarbonate housing that’s been factory-tested and approved for reliable performance even in harsh road conditions. Truck-Lite’s LED headlights also have the additional advantage of a filament-free design and encapsulated circuits for long-lasting shock protection. All headlights are also designed to withstand voltage spikes of up to 600V.

Signal Light

Truck-Lite’s combination signal light provides practical lighting performance with a timeless design that’s suitable for both old and new truck models. So it’s no surprise that Truck-Lite signal lights are a popular choice for fleet and show trucks alike. Similar to Truck-Lite’s stop turn tail lights, the signal light is also designed for faster light-up times and gives drivers more time to react to your vehicle’s movement and position on the road. It is available in various mounting and housing options to accommodate any need, function, or budget.

Marker/Clearance Light

Available in different styles and sizes, Truck-Lite combination LED and incandescent marker/clearance lights are built for durability and reliable performance. These lights have a distinct starburst light pattern that ensures visibility even in low-light conditions. High-grade polycarbonate housing and scratch-proof acrylic lenses also ensure the lamps can withstand everyday wear and tear and are sonically sealed to protect against dirt, dust, moisture, and corrosion. All Truck-Lite marker clearance lights are also built in compliance with PC and FMVSS requirements.

Work Lights

When work needs to be done around the clock, Truck-Lite’s line of high-performance work lights is up for the job. Customers can pick from premium energy-efficient LED models to the tried-and-tested and more cost-accessible par 36 sealed lamps. Whatever you choose, all these lights are guaranteed to provide a clean, evenly distributed beam of light that’s suitable for most tasks. The work lights also feature a non-corrosive die-cast aluminum or impact-resistant rubber housing with heavy duty brackets. And to make installation easier, Truck-Lite’s work lights come with hardwired or blunt-cut wire.

Dome Lights

The Truck-Lite dome light provides versatile interior and utility lighting for almost any location inside the vehicle. Its small size and low profile make them ideal for cramped spaces and areas with lots of foot traffic. The dome light also utilizes industry-standard mounting hardware, although there are also models available with heavy duty adhesive backing for hassle-free installation on almost any surface. Also, as with other Truck-Lite lights, the dome light is sealed completely to protect against corrosion and have a long service life.


From round convex mirrors to large west coast mirrors, Truck-Lite also offers heavy duty side mirrors for linehaul and commercial vehicle applications. Whether it’s for freight trucks or school buses, you can be sure Truck-Lite has them in stock. The mirrors feature an electroplated aluminum, steel, or plastic housing with gaskets to seal off the edges of the mirror from moisture and corrosion. Depending on the model, the mirrors can be mounted using reinforced metal brackets or with extra strong adhesive for fast installation.


Truck-Lite reflectors and reflective tape provide extra visibility that’s both practical and economical. The reflectors are mounted in place with strong adhesive tape, cutting down on time and labor costs. For more permanent applications, screw-on reflectors are also available. Their slim, compact size also makes them ideal for mounting in areas where space is limited.

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