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About Muncie Power Products

Muncie Power Products does not only build products. It builds trust. This company understands the essential role each Muncie product plays in its customers’ applications, which is why it makes sure to deliver value to customers each day for over 80 years. Muncie commits to provide highly efficient, trouble-free solutions to meet the needs of customers and the demands of today’s society.

Established as the Muncie Parts Manufacturing Company in 1935, this company initially served as a distributor of automotive replacement parts in Muncie, Indiana. At the end of World War II, Muncie shifted its focus to the mobile power equipment market. A few decades after, Muncie Power Products has become an industry leader in manufacturing power take-offs and fluid power solutions for work trucks.

Now a member of the multinational Interpump Group, Muncie boasts a state-of-the-art headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, assembly centers in Tulsa and Muncie, and distribution centers in Atlanta, Columbus, Houston, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Visalia. To best meet the needs of customers across the globe and deliver industry-leading customer support, Muncie Power Products also maintains a worldwide distribution network.

Muncie Power Products takes great pride in its rich history and in being a top provider of premium-quality products and excellent customer service for an extended period.

Muncie Power Parts

Muncie is globally known for its robust selection of power take-offs. But it also provides the work truck industry and other markets with hydraulic applications and top-quality hydraulic components. At present, Muncie offers a full spectrum of products—including power take-offs, cylinders, pumps, reservoirs, valves, filters, and motors—for various applications. These Muncie Power parts are ideal for utility trucks, dump trucks, walking floor trailers, and a lot more.

This brand also caters to property managers and owners, local governments, schools, and buildings that need snow and ice control systems to combat winter weather efficiently. Muncie Power Products equipment is fitted with the latest technology to conserve salt and drive snow off pavements, making them safe for people to walk or drive on.

Power Take-Off Solutions

Muncie take-off systems and parts are crafted by industry professionals who leverage hassle-free and efficient ways to provide, assemble, run, and maintain world-class work trucks and other equipment. This team comprises people who are skilled enough to help customers choose the right parts and devise a system that will meet the customer’s specific demands.

The Muncie Power Products FR6Q Series power take-off, for one, is equipped with a noise abatement mechanism to get rid of gear rattle noise, ensuring quiet power take-off. This series also includes the new Muncie start, an electronically controlled and modulated clutch engagement system that minimizes torque spikes via the power take-off, the truck’s drivetrain, and the integrated auxiliary equipment upon startup to ensure high-inertia loads. This allows smooth engagement of the power take-off, extending the life of the PTO and other driven mechanical components. This FR6Q Series PTO fits F-350 to F-550 Ford Super Duty trucks with the Ford 6R140 transmission.

Fluid Power Products

Muncie’s fluid power product line includes a wide range of products such as clutch pumps, cylinders, D.C. power packs, filters, gear pumps, motors, piston pumps, and reservoirs. This part category also includes refuse pumps, valves, hydraulic pumps, and wet kits. All these Muncie Power Products parts show the brand's commitment to continuous improvement of its products and processes to achieve its quality objectives and maximize its value.

Among the popular products from this category are the P.H. Series clutch pumps, which deliver hydraulic power in a flip of a switch. These clutch pumps are ideal in applications where a PTO aperture is difficult to access or unavailable. On the other hand, Muncie’s return line filters cover a wide range of flow rates, so you can surely get one that matches the flow rate of your application. They come with industry-standard elements, making them easy to maintain. These filters ensure high-pressure filtration often required by high horsepower, continuous-duty applications.

Hose and Fittings

This part category consists of hydraulic hoses and fittings, hydraulic adapters, and quick disconnects. The wide breadth of Muncie hydraulic hoses contains various sorts of braided, spiral, and suction hoses matched with corresponding fittings. This brand also produces ISO 7241 quick disconnect and wing-style quick disconnect that meet stringent industry standards.

Auxiliary Parts

The integration of ISO-certified procedures and practices into the manufacturing of Muncie products in all its facilities guarantees consistent processes. These result in top-quality Muncie auxiliary components like throttle control, cable control, and control consoles. The brand’s SPD-1001D System Protection Device is a groundbreaking safety device for powered truck equipment. It boasts over-speed protection and an interface for a wide selection of interlock devices. This system limits the use of electrically controlled systems based on truck speed, engine rpm, brake activation, outrigger position, and other factors. This sealed mechanism also comes with a programmable microprocessor and can be installed inside or outside the vehicle’s cab.

Snow and Ice Control Systems

When winter hits and your area is among those receiving heavy snowfall each year, you must be ready with your snow shovel and pusher, ice scraper, ice melt, and other ice removal tools. But if the task is too big for these tools to handle, the Muncie Power Products’ snow and ice solutions are here to back you up. This manufacturer carries various snow and ice control systems to meet the demands of your applications. Do you need a reasonably-priced ground-speed control for salt conservation? Or an electronic spreader with integrated hoist functionality, Muncie got you covered.

This brand understands that customers depend on Muncie’s solutions to get the snow removal or salt spreading job done right. You just need to decide which system works best for you, and Muncie has them designed to meet your needs and specifications. From various spreader systems to control systems and control consoles, Muncie Power Products parts are available to deliver the highest efficiency.

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