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About Dana Holding Corporation

With over a century of manufacturing experience under its belt, Dana Holding Corporation has long been providing the automotive and truck parts industry with products that have helped propel the world's most incredible vehicles. Over the years, this manufacturer takes pride in its long list of innovations that paved the way for some notable power conveyance revolutions.

Founded by Clarence Spicer in 1904 as the Spicer Manufacturing Corporation, this manufacturer has since transformed the mobility industry. Spicer's invention of the encased u-joint has unchained the industry by eliminating the need for chains and sprockets. These first C.W Spicer u-joints are shipped to Corbin Motor Company in Connecticut and are used by Buick Motor Co., Mack Bros. Motor Co., American Motors, Olds Motor Works, and Kelly-Springfield Motor Truck Co. two years after.

In 1914, Attorney Charles Dana bought a controlling interest in Spicer Manufacturing Company and eventually became the company's president and treasurer. To grow its product line beyond u-joints and propeller shafts, Charles Dana acquired three big companies that manufacture axle, transmission, and frame. In 1925, Spicer began its international operations in England. Three years later, Spicer's headquarters was transferred to Toledo, Ohio, making it closer to Detroit, the world's automotive center. During the Great Depression, when sales of trucks, cars, and buses were at their lowest point, Spicer was among the few companies that remained profitable.

To recognize Charles Dana's 32 years of leadership, the Spicer Manufacturing Corporation was renamed Dana Corporation in 1946. Spicer then became the company's brand name for its driveline products. It expanded its presence to South American in 1954, and in 1957, Dana introduced its first cruise control system, which was used in 1958 Chrysler models. Dana acquired Viktor Gasket Manufacturing Company in 1966, and in 1977, it started exporting products to 123 countries. The year 1982 became notable for the company with the introduction of the first all-aluminum driveshaft. Dana's acquisition of the Reinz Company happened in 1993, paving the way for the new Victor Reinz brand of gaskets, heat shields, and sealing solutions. Its acquisition of the Plumley Rubber Company in Tennessee reinforced its sealing solutions portfolio.

Dana Holding Corporation Parts

Dana caters to people looking to build, repair, or restore a vehicle powered by a conventional or budding power source. It offers a wide range of products to provide for the customers' drivetrain and propulsion needs, regardless of the energy source. Dana Holding Corporation parts are renowned for being the most reliable, durable, and efficient products on the market.

The Dana Holding Corporation carries different brands that are known globally and across all markets for their long-established legacy of innovation, outstanding quality, performance, durability, and after-sales support. Among Dana's world-renowned brands are Spicer, Victor Reinz, Long, Brevini, Graziano, Fairfield, and TM4. To provide exceptional support to the passenger car, bus, light truck and heavy-duty truck, and off-highway equipment markets, Dana also makes sure to have a local presence almost everywhere through its various aftermarket brands. With these brands under Dana Holding Corporation's umbrella, this manufacturer takes pride in having the most comprehensive product offering for machines and industrial equipment, light to heavy-duty trucks, mine haulers, wheel loaders, and off-highway, heavy-duty vehicles.

Driveshafts and Driveline Components

When it comes to driveshafts and other driveline components, Dana has set the standards so high. It builds driveshafts that provide commercial vehicles with high torque, maximum performance, and OE quality. From the Spicer Life Series to its Spicer Compact Series, you will get driveshafts that deliver more power density than the competition.

Dana also manufactures driveshafts that meet the rigorous demands of mobile off-highway and industrial applications. These driveshafts also ensure longer service life, minimal maintenance, and lower operating cost. Dana doesn't want its customers to settle for knock-off replacement parts, so it also offers an extensive line of driveshaft and driveline replacement components. These include u-joints, end yokes, tube shafts, slip yokes, tubing, spline sleeves, tube yokes, and many more.

Performance Parts

Dana also engineers parts that churn out unparalleled strength and peak performance, allowing you to get the most out of your racing and off-road experience. Backed by industry experts, these high-performance Dana Holding Corporation parts meet the highest standards in quality and performance, so they are guaranteed to perform whenever your ride is forced to push the boundaries. From upgraded axle shafts to performance spools, these best-in-class racing and off-road components from Dana make your rig ready to hit the road, trail, or track without hesitation, knowing that it is equipped with parts that can perform when the limits are put to the test. Among the world-renowned Dana aftermarket performance industrial-strength parts that are proven to stand up to hard work are the Ultimate Dana 44TM axle, Spicer® 70 u-joints, Spicer® forged pinion yokes, Spicer® performance adjustable shocks, and a whole lot more.

Drivetrain Solutions

Maximize your fuel economy with Dana's industry-leading drivetrain solutions. Over the years, Dana has built a rock-solid reputation as a versatile drivetrain and drivetrain parts supplier for a wide range of trucks, vehicles, and construction equipment. The people behind Dana have been working collaboratively with the aftermarket and OEMs to provide global customers with outstanding durability, best-in-class efficiency, improved handling, and optimum ride quality.

Transmissions and transmission parts

High-performance engines, such as those used for construction, forestry, material handling, or mining, should be matched with equally hard-working transmissions. With this outstanding combination, you can enjoy optimal efficiency from your workhorse or heavy-duty equipment. Dana develops and assembles its transmissions with durability and long-term efficiency in mind because this manufacturer believes that a durable transmission is the core of a robust, cost-effective drivetrain system that guarantees quieter operation and improved handling. This manufacturer also supplies the industry with transmission replacement parts that are guaranteed to perform in all conditions.

Dana is also committed to making your vehicles ready for heavy-duty jobs and harsh environments. It produces well-engineered transfer cases that deliver maximum power at various transmission speeds. Dana carries Spicer transfer cases that provide the capability of all-wheel drive and ensure full torque capacity for fire trucks, military vehicles, transit mixers, agriculture and mining rigs, and other rigs.

Sealing solutions

Dana develops custom sealing solutions that deliver impressive results in various applications. The company's skilled engineers work directly with vehicle manufacturers to create innovative and high-quality sealing products that meet the engine's specific requirements. With Dana's custom sealing solutions, the company can help you address emissions and oil economy issues and worksite productivity needs. These gaskets, seals, covers, and other sealing components are manufactured using the same high standards used for OE components to deliver the same performance and reliability.

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