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About Omega Environmental Technologies

Reliable climate control is an essential part of the modern-day linehaul industry. And when it comes to climate control products, no other brands have the expertise of Omega Environmental Technologies. In business for over 50 years, Omega Environmental Technologies has been a top U.S. distributor of aftermarket air conditioning products for heavy duty truck, bus, agricultural, and automotive applications. It also manufactures small A/C parts including switches, sensors, relays, blower resistors, sealing media, fittings, and many others under the Santech brand. The company also holds several patents for compressors and related small parts kits.

Omega Environmental Technologies Parts

Omega Environmental Technologies dubs itself as the "one-stop shop" for everything A/C, offering more than 40,000 unique products for automotive, heavy duty, and off-road vehicles. The Omega brand carries a complete line of "hard" parts such as compressors, driers and accumulators, and evaporators, electrical components, and cleaning and maintenance tools and products. It also covers complete seal and component kits for more convenient and cost-effective repairs and maintenance. All products have also been certified and tested in an in-house laboratory, while an international sourcing network ensures each part is made with the best materials available at an affordable cost. So it's no surprise that Omega Environmental Technologies parts are the go-to choice of major OEM and aftermarket players, including Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, GM, Ford, and more.


Omega Environmental Technologies offers a selection of heavy duty AC compressors from major manufacturers, including Sanden, Valeo, TAMA, and Denso, for heavy duty trucks, buses, and off-road equipment. It also supplies its own line of aftermarket compressors that comply with or even exceed OEM specifications. Each of these units undergoes rigorous manufacturing and testing processes to meet Omega's high standards of quality. The compressors are also coreless, so there's no need to worry about cores and the added costs associated with them.

Specifically engineered for heavy duty applications, Omega compressors have a light and compact design with a wide range of displacements. Thrust bearings are engineered for maximum durability, capable of withstanding constant stress and tension from demanding operating conditions. The compressors have a balanced swash plate design to reduce vibration, while pistons are surface treated with a special polymer coating that reduces friction for a smoother performance. Selected models also have an aluminum valve, shaft, and swash plate for significant weight reduction and corrosion resistance without sacrificing structural strength.

Omega Environmental Technologies guarantees its products are built right the first time, ensuring they meet the industry’s highest standards. So customers can rest assured that Omega compressors will have the right fit and performance every time.


Omega's line of condensers includes OEM replacement condensers and universal-type condensers. From tried-and-tested drop-in types to the latest designs like parallel flow, serpentine, and tube & fin condensers, Omega condensers excel in their respective markets and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Omega OEM condensers are built to integrate seamlessly with the vehicle's stock air conditioning system. These condensers are built to match up with the OE condensers at every benchmark, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance. The condenser alloy is made of premium-grade alloys engineered to resist wear and corrosion, keeping costly system leaks at bay. The heat exchanger cores are specially designed to minimize airborne residue, allowing the A/C to operate at optimum efficiency with minimal maintenance. Fin-type condensers also have better heat transfer and refrigerant condensation capabilities compared to conventional condensers. All Omega condenser products are also tested according to strict design standards to ensure a low failure rate and guarantee a trouble-free installation.

Driers & Accumulators

Omega Environmental Technologies also carries a large selection of A/C receiver driers and accumulators from Parker Hannifin, Fujikoke, Evapin, ATCO, and other key manufacturers. These dryers are built according to specifications set for OEM applications these products replace for compatibility and optimum performance.

Clean, dry compressed air is essential to the operation of truck A/C systems, so Omega filters are built to screen out even the smallest of debris, moisture, microorganisms, and other contaminants before they damage various A/C components. These dryers/accumulators have a maximum moisture capacity and filtration capability that is more than enough for the demands of today's systems and are compatible with commercially available refrigerants, mineral oil, and lubricants. Its solid core delivers superior filtration capability and eliminates the possibility of a desiccant breakdown, thanks to its robust molded core design. The driers are also coated with corrosion-resistant epoxy powder paint and have solid copper fittings for easier brazing. Selected models also have advanced features such as leaf springs for added shock protection and polyester pad seals for added protection against refrigerant leaks. All of these result in consistently cold A/C temperatures even in extremely hot environments and a smoother, hassle-free operation.

Expansion Valves

With an inventory that includes products from top brands like Parker, Fujikoki, Egelhof, and TGK, Omega Environmental Technologies offers a robust selection of A/C expansion valves for both OEM and aftermarket applications. Backed by decades of expertise in engineering A/C components, Omega expansion valves ensure consistent operation of the A/C system even when stationary. The valves are precision-built to provide optimum flow rate based on temperature and pressure, resulting in more precise refrigerant flow and better evaporator control. These result in consistent A/C operation, improved performance in high-traffic conditions, and reduced outlet condensation. In addition, Omega expansion valves are also available in various housing and sealing types according to connection points for a more customized, leak-free expansion solution for different vehicle and equipment applications.


Omega Environmental Technologies carries one of the most comprehensive selections of A/C evaporators for light to heavy duty trucks, buses, and off-road equipment. Its inventory of evaporators includes both domestic and international nameplates, including Ford, Chrysler, Opel, and Citroen, among others, and spans all major evolutionary models from the classic aluminum tube and fin evaporators to the latest plate & fin models. The Omega brand also stocks evaporator models in both left-hand and right-hand drive applications.

Evaporator performance greatly affects the A/C, so Omega evaporators are built and configured to meet OE manufacturers' standards. Whether it's the tanks, fin pitch, core dimensions, or materials, all evaporators from Omega Environmental Technologies meet or surpass every specification. Also, Omega evaporators are lighter and thinner than their aftermarket counterparts, improving heat exchange efficiency and reducing pressure loss at a significant rate. Selected models also have a zinc diffusion layer that greatly improves corrosion resistance for longer service life.

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