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If you're looking to upgrade your mirrors to something larger than the standard bicycle mirrors on a pickup or if you're looking to install newer mirrors for your heavy-duty big rig, you're going to want to look into west coast mirrors.

We carry just shy of 50 individual pieces, parts, and accessories, each designed to provide the best possible field of view. But that's not all they do. Many of our parts are equipped with electronic controls to enable things like remote handling as well as heating.

Our heating six different west coast mirrors with heating switches are designed specifically with utility in mind. Whether you're driving in the icy north or the foggy summer south, you're going to want a heater. Heated mirrors don't fog or freeze over nearly as easily as standard mirrors.

Many of our mirrors are made out of silvered glass to enable a clearer reflection. Contrast that with other metals, such as aluminum, which is far more subject to smudging and smears. These mirrors, on the other hand, stay clean and keep looking clear longer.

A handful of our products also qualify for free ground shipping, making it easier to know exactly how much you're going to pay for your product. With the option for express shipping, it's also possible to get your hardware the moment you need it and not a second later.