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About SAF-Holland

Based in Bessenbach, Germany, SAF-Holland is one of the world's largest independent suppliers of coupling, lifting, and suspension systems for trucks, buses, tractors, and trailers. In business for over 100 years, the company has been known under several brand names, including Holland Hitch, Binkley, Neway, and most recently, the SAF-Holland Group. It consistently ranks as a leading supplier of fifth wheels, landing gear, suspension, and coupling products in the European and North American commercial vehicle market. The company also designs and manufactures custom solutions for select applications such as industrial materials handling and airport ground support equipment.

The modern SAF-Holland Group was founded in 2006 when the German axle manufacturer Otto Sauer Achsenfabik (SAF) merged with American OEM supplier Holland Group Inc, forming what is now SAF-Holland. Both companies bring with them more than two centuries worth of combined knowledge expertise in the industry. SAF started as a family-owned blacksmithing business manufacturing two-way plows in 1881, which later expanded to steel axles for agricultural vehicles and eventually vehicles. It was credited for being one of the first to offer trailer air suspensions and super-compact axles for the mass market. On the other hand, Holland's legacy began in the agricultural industry in 1910 with their introduction of a safety release hitch for horse-drawn plows. The company shifted to making fifth wheels, landing gear, and pintle hooks for trucks and trailers in the 1940s and gradually grew into one of the major players in the market.

Since its formation, SAF-Holland has seen rapid growth through strategic acquisitions. In 2008, the company acquired Georg Fischer Verkehrstechnik GmbH, the second-largest fifth-wheel manufacturer in Europe. It bought bus suspension specialists Corpco Beijing Technology and KLL in 2013 and 2016, respectively, followed by the trailer axle and suspension system manufacturer York Transport Equipment and TMPS brand PressureGuard™ in 2018.

SAF-Holland Parts

Today, SAF Holland is recognized as one of the top three suppliers in all of its product categories, with more than $1.1 billion in sales of SAF-Holland parts in 2020. It has production facilities in six continents with approximately 3,000 employees and a global distribution network to ensure its position in the international market.

Fifth Wheels

SAF-Holland has earned the reputation of manufacturing fifth wheel systems of exceptional quality. Available in standard, heavy duty, and severe duty models, SAF-Holland fifth wheels are engineered for long-lasting durability, reliable performance, and increased driver productivity and return of investment.

  • Fifth wheel assembly - With a heritage that makes it one of the oldest fifth wheel manufacturers, SAF-Holland has been at the forefront of virtually every innovation in the industry. Whether it's a forged aluminum frame, low-weight top plate and slider, electronic lock indicator, or lubrication-free fifth wheel, the SAF-Holland fifth wheel is one of the earliest adopters of new technology and continues to integrate new ones to meet the increasing customer demands. Each fifth wheel assembly is also certified to be brand new: no front lock insert and lock jaw replacements or rebuild parts can be found in any assembly.
  • Kingpin - The fifth wheel is just as good as the kingpin that connects it to the truck and trailer, so SAF-Holland takes pains to ensure its kingpins perform the right way every time. The SAF-Holland kingpin has a low-alloy steel construction that's metallurgically balanced to provide the best combination of machinability, strength, impact resistance, and manufacturing cost. Carefully monitoring forging and machining processes also ensures surface conditions, grain flow, and dimensional tolerances meet rigid requirements.

Landing Gear Systems

Tried, tested, and trusted worldwide, SAF-Holland landing gear systems offer reliable performance and long service life at an accessible price range. Each gear is designed for different scenarios, ranging from freezing winter cold to arid desert environments. It is also designed to require as little force as possible to operate, making it easy-to-use especially with the constant strain of regular coupling/uncoupling.

  • Landing gear - SAF-Holland sets the industry standards with its landing gear products in strength, durability, and ease of lift. Heat-treated ductile iron spur gears and premium lubrication ensure a consistently smooth operation even in severe temperatures. For added corrosion protection, the landing gear exterior has undergone BLACK ARMOUR® metal treatment process that makes it impervious to water and anti-icing chemicals as well as inhibits the spread of rust on the surface.
  • Gooseneck jack - The SAF-Holland gooseneck jack is available in the standard crank, drop leg, and dual pin models and in various lift and load capacities. The jack has a performance-proven design that offers enhanced lifting capacity and durable operation thanks to high-strength steel tubing and robust pull handles. Foot styles are also available in large round or square steel foot and landing gear skid foot versions.

Suspension Systems

From lightweight buses to heavy-duty trailer suspensions, SAF-Holland offers a wide range of suspension parts for various vehicle applications. These suspension systems feature the latest technology and are backed with exemplary global service support.

  • Truck suspension - Available in heavy duty and severe duty models, the SAF-Holland truck and tractor suspension system is among the most stable on- and off-road suspension systems in the market. Its simple design and innovative parallelogram construction reduces its overall weight and improves roll stability and braking response.
  • Bus suspension - SAF-Holland’s bus and motorcoach suspension system is designed for durability in challenging operational environments. Its advanced beam design absorbs up to 80% of roll forces, providing optimum stability while reducing excessive stress from the axle. Rubber bushed connections help provide a smoother ride and extend service life without added maintenance or lubrication.
  • Trailer suspension - SAF Holland offers air and mechanical trailer suspension systems in both fixed and sliding configurations. The suspension has premium features such as multifunctional pivot bushings, hardened steel wear pads, and BLACK ARMOUR® coating greatly enhance product value and extend service life.


With more than a hundred year's experience in coupling products, SAF-Holland offers one of the most comprehensive lines of medium to extreme heavy duty pintle hooks, drawbars, and couplers for commercial and military applications.

  • Pintle hook - SAF-Holland pintle hook is made of a special steel alloy that's been heat-treated to withstand demanding over-the-road and off-road applications. Heavy duty pintle hook versions also come with air-cushioned snubbers to reduce wear and provide shock absorption on vehicles with air systems. The hook is available in rigid mounts and swivel mounts for added articulation.
  • Coupler - SAF-Holland's catalog includes medium to heavy-duty couplers and ball hitches for general over-the-road use as well as specialty materials and cargo handling applications. The coupler is fitted with an automatic secondary lock or a special release system, depending on the model. All couplers are also made of heat-treated cast and forged alloy steel.
  • Drawbar - SAF-Holland offers a variety of drawbar eye and hinge assemblies to suit different types of applications. The drawbar eye is made of a one-piece steel alloy to minimize potential points of failure and ensure long-lasting durability. The hinge assembly is also designed to be used in pairs and has a symmetrical design to allow for use in either the left-hand or right-hand hinge positions.

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SAF’s legacy started in 1881 when Paul Zill, a blacksmith from Keilberg, Germany developed the Zill two-way plow for the agricultural industry. Mr. Zill’s blacksmith shop expanded into a small family operation as popularity for his plow grew and agricultural axles were added to the product line. Time passed - and the family operation evolved to became Otto Sauer Achsen Fabrik (SAF), a leader in the design and manufacture of integrated axle and suspension systems for commercial trailers.

Similar to SAF, Holland’s legacy also started in the agricultural industry in 1910 with the introduction of a safety release hitch for horse drawn plows. Founding father, Gerrit Den Besten, began the “Safety Release Clevis Company“ in Corsica, South Dakota. The company found new market opportunities in the automotive industry and moved operations to Holland, Michigan. Renamed The Holland Hitch Company, the family owned business grew into a global supplier in the commercial transportation industry.

Today - these two historical companies are together as SAF-HOLLAND, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality engineered components, systems, and services to the commercial vehicle industry.

SAF-HOLLAND specializes in coupling, lifting, and suspension systems for trucks, buses, tractors, and trailers. SAF-HOLLAND products are sold and serviced under the SAF and Holland brand names from over 4,600 distributor and OEM locations around the world.