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About Meritor

When it comes to efficient and reliable truck parts, no other name is trusted more than Meritor. For more than a century, Meritor has been the preferred brand by drivers, mechanics, and fleet owners around the globe. The company specializes in axle, drivetrain, and wheel-end components, which it supplies under the Meritor brand and its various subsidiaries. It is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with manufacturing and distribution facilities all across the US, South America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.

Meritor traces its origins to 1909 when the Timken Detroit Axle, an axle manufacturer specializing in heavy trucks, set up shop in Michigan. The first few decades of the 20th century saw a flurry of demand for trucks, which were more efficient and required less storage than the horse-drawn carriages they ultimately replaced. In 1929, the company merged with its competitor, the Wisconsin Parts Co., headed by the famed inventor-engineer William Rockwell who eventually became its CEO. In 1951, it released the iconic R-330 series truck axle, which featured a revolutionary top-mounted final drive design and was described as an advanced engineered improvement for its generation. Further acquisitions in the 1950s and 1960s resulted in a massive expansion in the market, culminating with its $922 million purchase of the Apollo space capsule manufacturer North American Aviation in 1967 and its successful bid to manufacture space shuttles for NASA in 1975.

In the 1980s, the company, which had renamed itself Rockwell International, pioneered several engineering and technological innovations that are now standard in the industry. Rockwell introduced its line of nine- and thirteen-speed transmissions for on-highway applications, followed by the first permanently lubricated universal joints. In 1996, it introduced the Engine Synchro Shift transmission technology, making it much easier for truck drivers to shift between gears and reduce wear. A year later, Rockwell’s automotive division was spun off to form Meritor Automotive, followed by a merger with Arvin Industries to create Arvin Meritor in 2000. Under its new name, the company released the industry-leading Meritor 17X axle, the Meritor ultralight 14X tandem drive axle, and the hybrid drive system for linehaul trucks.

In 2011, ArvinMeritor divested its light vehicle business to focus on commercial and industrial vehicles and changed to its current Meritor brand name. Since then, it has released the world’s first commercially available automatic tire inflation system for linehaul vehicles in 2015 and partnered with TransPower to develop electric axles for various drivetrain configurations. It has also recently acquired the heavy duty drivetrain supplier Fabco and AA Gear & Mfg. Co.

Meritor Parts

Today, Meritor parts are sold under two major categories: genuine and standard aftermarket:

Meritor Genuine

Meritor offers genuine replacement parts designed to match the quality and performance of the original. These parts are identical to the OEM components that are installed on trucks in the assembly line. Each part is also continuously updated with the latest design and engineering enhancements.

If you are looking for proven and reliable performance, genuine Meritor parts are a perfect choice. These are also especially recommended for new vehicles as the parts will not void the warranty.

Meritor Aftermarket

Meritor aftermarket parts are engineered to exacting specifications to ensure performance and value for original, second, and even third owners. At its core, each part meets all OEM performance expectations but is engineered to provide more in quality, performance, and value. The key aftermarket parts sold by Meritor include:

  • Axles - Truck axles have made Meritor what it is today, so it’s no surprise that it is the world’s biggest independent manufacturer of heavy duty truck axles. Its extensive portfolio includes front and non-drive axles, single, tandem, and tridem axles, and specialty axle systems for linehaul, off-highway, mining, construction, and other vehicle applications.

    Meritor axles are designed to achieve up to 98 percent efficiency and power density that, combined with robust, lightweight construction, deliver superior performance and durability across multiple applications. The axles are also available in a wide selection of gear selections, ranging from OEMs to superfast ratios and axle configurations that offer customization options and flexibility. Their extended oil change intervals also cut down maintenance costs and downtime as well as minimize their environmental impact.

  • Carriers - Meritor carriers are compatible with axles with a gross axle weight of 3-18 tons and a gross combination weight of 9-100 tons. Each carrier is fabricated in-house and matched according to the requirements of its final measures to ensure optimum performance and long maintenance intervals. Precision-forged gearing also provides superior power density, up to 98 percent efficiency, and exceptional strength and durability. For main long-haul carriers, Meritor also uses advanced laser welding techniques to join the axle’s drive gears with the differential, resulting in a high torque rating, reduced oil splash, and durability increase up to 30 percent.

  • Brakes - One of the world’s leading brake suppliers, Meritor offers braking systems and individual components for trucks, trailers, buses, and coaches. Meritor brakes are designed to be light in weight and heavy on stopping power that’s backed with over a million miles of field testing. These parts also have advanced features, such as special drum brake anchor pins that eliminate “shoe float” and double sealing technology that provides superior water and debris protection. Also, Meritor brakes have fewer parts than their competitors, making them easier to maintain and have a longer service life.

Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS™)

Found in more than a million trailers worldwide, the Meritor tire inflation system has been the preferred choice of fleets for over 20 years. The system takes out the hassle and the guesswork of keeping the tires inflated properly by automating the entire process. Sensors constantly monitor tire pressure and pump air according to a pre-set psi, ensuring that there is never too much or too little air in the tire.

With the tires always at the proper pressure, Meritor’s tire inflation system greatly reduces uneven tire wear and increases tire life by up to 10 percent. It also helps improve fuel economy by an average of 1.4 percent and significantly lowers the risk of dangerous tire blowouts. Each MTIS comes with proprietary ThermALERT wheel-end heat-sensing technology, which immediately alerts drivers to overheating wheel ends and prevents them from getting worse. It can also be installed on the latest North American trailers and retrofitted on most trailers already in service.

In addition, Meritor supplies aftermarket parts under its umbrella of brands such as Euclid, Truck Technic, US Gear, and the budget-friendly Mach line. It also operates an authorized rebuilder program that offers high-quality remanufactured differentials for selected drivetrain models.

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