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About Haldex

When it comes to innovative vehicle solutions, there’s one name that stands out—Haldex. A Sweden-based company, Haldex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and reliable brake systems and air suspension products. These products are designed primarily for improved safety, durability, and dynamics of commercial vehicles.

Haldex traces back its roots in 1887 when Halda, a manufacturer of beautiful clocks, was founded. Almost 30 years later, Svenska AB Bromsregulatorer (SAB), a renowned supplier of brake systems for trains, was established in Malmö, Sweden. Thulinverken, a developer and manufacturer of aircraft engines and cars, was founded about the same time and became a part of the group when SAB acquired it.

The name Haldex used to refer to a taxameter manufacturer in the 1920s. SAB later acquired the said manufacturer, so this is how the name Haldex came into the group. Fast forward to 1962, SAB successfully transformed the brake adjuster for trains to road vehicles—this has paved the way for the foundation to what we know today as Haldex.

Currently, Haldex operates manufacturing, R&D, and sales worldwide, with offices and production plants in 19 countries, including Sweden, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, United States, China, Brazil, and India. It has over 2,000 employees who work tirelessly to achieve the company’s long-term vision of creating a world of safer vehicles. Haldex sells its products to trucks and trailers manufacturers (OEMs), vehicle manufacturers’ own distributors (OESs), and independent distributors.

Haldex Parts

Almost 60 years after the first brake adjuster for road vehicles was introduced, this product from Haldex remains the global market leader, with over 75 million brake adjusters being produced. But through innovation, the company made technological advances in its product lineup and produced more products to add to its growing Haldex parts portfolio. Currently, it offers a vast selection of products under two distinct categories: the Foundation Brake and the Air Controls.

Foundation Brake

The Foundation Brake product line consists of disc brakes, brake adjusters, and actuators. These brake products for wheel ends are manufactured with the customer and end-user safety in mind. Each product goes through rigorous manufacturing processes and testing to ensure not just superior performance and maximum efficiency but also safety and reliability.

Brake Adjusters

Considered the central part of a drum brake, the brake adjuster works by automatically controlling the distance between the brake drum and the brake lining. It keeps the brakes in correct adjustment all the time. When this part starts to fail, the vehicle’s braking mechanism is greatly affected.

Haldex offers a wide range of brake adjusters—from the well-established AA1 automatic brake adjuster and the new S-ABA self-setting automatic brake adjusters. Both products are made to set the highest standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

AA1 Features and Benefits:

  • With a heat-treated housing that helps minimize internal wear
  • Made with heat-treated, high-strength, high-alloy steel internal gears to effectively withstand wear
  • Has reliable o-ring seals for improved protection from dirt, road salt, and moisture
  • With a clearance-sensing design to prevent failed roadside inspection and excessive brake wear
  • Comes with an easily accessible adjustment hex for trouble-free installation

S-ABA Features and Benefits:

  • With an innovative self-setting flexible design to function correctly whatever the control arm’s position
  • Built to offer durable and predictable performance
  • Quick and easy to install as it no longer requires locking pawls to remove or disengage
  • Has a robust design making it suitable for all drum brake applications
  • Effectively prevents contamination from dirt, road salt, and moisture

Disc Brakes

Haldex produces a complete line of disc brakes for various trucks and trailers. This is made lightweight and offers better stopping performance than drum brakes.

The Haldex Air Disc Brake ModulT is regarded as the lightest 22.5" trailer brake on the market. It weighs only 31 kilograms, including the brake pads, but it delivers superior performance in a wide range of applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • With a single-tappet mechanism for excellent pressure distribution
  • Reduces downtime as it comes equipped with boltless snap-on brake pad retainer fitment for simplified maintenance
  • Has two stainless sliding pins and a completely closed caliper
  • With double roller bearings to ensure low hysteresis
  • Designed to offer a long service life

Actuators and Brake Chambers

Haldex manufacturers a broad range of actuators and brake chambers for use in disc brakes and drum brakes. All these products are manufactured according to strict SAE J1469 standards at its in-house laboratory. And to ensure durability, integrity, and peak performance even when used under harsh conditions, each Haldex actuator is rigorously tested to ensure it’s 100% leak-free and date stamped for easy tracing.

Several versions are available for these products, including those with and without parking brakes. The most popular options are the Blue Seal, Gold Seal, and Life Seal.

Blue Seal Features and Benefits:

  • A reliable actuator with a double diaphragm design for combined superior performance and reduced cost and weight
  • With zinc-plated spring housing for salt- and road corrosion-resistance
  • Effectively protects against air leakage with its doubled “O” ring sealed center sector
  • Has a rolled ring for accidental disassembly prevention
  • Made to stay in place since its caging tool is tethered

Gold Seal Features and Benefits:

  • Available in 13 different sizes to suit a wide range of applications
  • Uses superior power spring technology for exceptional performance
  • Powder-coated to effectively resist corrosion and fatigue
  • With two “O” rings for positive sealing and plastic bearing for extended life
  • A world-class diaphragm with a self-piloting dust shield

Life Seal Features and Benefits:

  • Industry's first and only completely sealed double diaphragm spring brake
  • Available in four different size/stroke combinations
  • Designed to effectively resist water, salt, oil, and other contaminants
  • Does not contain vent holes, external breather tubes, cage tool plugs, or filters
  • With a special internal valve to let air escape through the vehicle’s air system

Air Controls

The Air Controls product lineup includes ABS, EBS, air dryers, Consep air treatment, and more. These products are made primarily for improved safety and driving dynamics of the brake system. They are available in many different versions to cater to a wide range of geographic markets.


The Haldex ABS and EBS are built to provide controlled safe stopping. EBS differs from ABS in a way that it controls the brake system electronically to ensure optimal brake power for all brakes in the vehicle.

ABS and EBS Features and Benefits:

  • Has an integrated design for fast, hassle-free installation
  • Haldex Select Low/High protocol (SLH) allows ABS to cycle deeper and recover faster
  • With modular design for simple and economical system upgrades and competitive retrofits
  • EBS comes with greater than ever capacity
  • Each Haldex EBS offers easy, logical vehicle installation, multi-voltage operation, and integrated stability control

Air Dryers and Consep

The Haldex air dryers are crucial brake system components because they ensure only clean and dry air enters the air subsystem. The same is true with the Consep air treatment product. This is designed to work individually or in combination to prevent water, oil, and contaminants buildup.

Air Dryers and Consep Features and Benefits:

  • Employs several stages of cleaning to ensure clean and dry system air
  • A low-maintenance air treatment option for severe duty cycle applications
  • Built to offer quick and easy installation
  • Designed to reduce corrosion and premature air system components failure due to contamination

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